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Around 3% of drivers are distracted by mobile phones while driving and 9%-25% of accidents caused are due to distracted driving

Taking one country as an example, 150,000 people die each year from distracted driving in India alone.

This is why we’ve launched Project Vision Zero within our company – part of a global movement to achieve a highway system with no fatalities or serious injuries involving road traffic. From a start in Sweden, the movement has been adopted by governments around the world to achieve zero fatality rate on roads.

Our Project Zero product line is built upon latest research in machine vision cameras, solid-state Lidars, AI-on-the-Edge computers, and advanced algorithms capable of detecting, locating, recognizing and tracking objects by fusing data from multiple sensors.

All our solutions are non-intrusive by design and bring together the latest advances in high-resolution, high-frame rate cameras, high-accuracy solid-state Lidars (no moving parts) and radars augmented with our software embedding latest advances in AI, object tracking and data fusion algorithms.

Traditional approaches to road safety use legacy technologies involving induction loops in the ground, radars and lasers that are very expensive to both install and maintain.

Instead, we undertook significant R&D to design, develop and deliver a highly versatile and configurable product platform aimed at increasingly urbanized environments.

The uniqueness of this breakthrough approach is that a single product platform is adaptable to deliver a complete range of road safety monitoring and enforcement solutions:

  1. Fixed-location and mobile speed enforcement
  2. Average speed or point-to-point speed enforcement
  3. Distracted driver detection & enforcement including cell phones
  4. Over-sized vehicle detection & enforcement
  1. Dangerous goods carrying vehicle detection & enforcement
  2. Red-light violation detection & enforcement
  3. Bus lane violation detection & enforcement
  4. Personal mobility vehicle speed detection & enforcement

The result is a highly accurate and cost-effective solution. It automatically detects vehicles breaching road safety regulations and collects digital evidence in the form of high-resolution images and video watermarked with date, time, and location along with primary and secondary speed sensor measurements and other relevant information captured at the time of the breach. The collected evidence is sent to our cloud-hosted back office in real time and is made available to third-party infringement processing and life cycle management software solutions.

One of our key requirements was to achieve a low-cost solution affordable by emerging economies. This cost-constraint created more engineering challenges but it means more lives will be saved across the world.

Another consideration was making the software easy to integrate with infringement management solution vendors. The result is a system that can seamlessly plug into any infringement processing system. In less advanced markets, the system leads to hand-written infringement notices too.

Until we launched our solution, the traditional approach to monitoring and enforcing road safety involved legacy technologies that were expensive to install and maintain.

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