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We work with forward thinking casinos that use live and accurate data to optimise their operations. We are solving the impossible by helping casinos meet their regulatory compliance requirements while improving customer reinvestment and service. Casinos

Live Table Game Data

Forward-thinking casinos around the world are embracing new and innovative technologies to analyse gaming activity on their live table games and streamline operations for competitive gain. Traditional casino monitoring systems rely on manual input and fail to achieve the levels of accuracy needed to be truly useful. Until now.

Using our solutions, casinos can now leverage the power of AI and deep machine learning to analyse specific game play scenarios and make real-time, highly accurate assessments.

Our Solutions help casinos worldwide to get quick and easy access to invaluable and accurate data to measure and set KPIs, detect fraudulent behavior and improve the overall customer experience.

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Relying on Accurate ratings for customers is vital for the modern Casino. Accurate ratings enable Casinos to reward the most valuable customers and assist in recognizing when a host or Manager may be required to attend.

Most casino’s still manually estimate average bet levels and use system averages for various factors which may not be representative of the actual play. Thus, while this system is certainly better than the old “gut feel” approach it still may undervalue some customers while overvaluing others.

Our solutions not only automate this process but also assign the bets to customers automatically without manual inputs for both rated and undated players and help solve the age-old problem encountered by casinos globally.

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Know Your Customer

Knowing Your Customer (KYC) is vital in Casinos today.

Understanding customer behaviour is not only valuable for recognising and rewarding players but will also assist in responsible service of gaming (RSG)and in alleviating AML concerns (anti-money laundering) and other fraudulent/illegal activities.

SenEYE-D can assist your Casino in recognising who is playing, matching to your database/system.

Casinos need new cost-effective tools to manage compliance with all regulations. Our patented and proven solutions integrate face recognition with our chip recognition and bet assignment solutions to deliver efficient tools to manage the compliance requirements of our customers.

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Data Insights

Our solutions provide numerous data points that were previously, unattainable like the round start and end time, bet values per position, per type, per hour and the number of bets placed per hour, per hand with granularity to the individual round of play for all gaming tables.

In additional to real time intelligence on the bets being placed and players, this data can provide strategic insights like the Side Bet Utilization to help establish which side bets drive game performance.

Further insights like the Theoretical Win, TRUE House Advantage and determine your actual “blended” house advantage for every game type where our solution is installed.

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Our Customers

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