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SenSen delivers ingenious solutions for the ITS industry in Smart Cities worldwide. We improve civic compliance, parking management, and speed and toll enforcement, with unbeatable precision and in the most challenging environments. In Singapore, the world’s Smartest City, SenSen safeguards citizens from dangerous parking behaviours and helps to reduce congestion on city streets.

Solutions forged with
integrity and ingenuity

We designed our Data Fusion-enabled sensors, cameras and processing platforms with a clear focus on delivering the highest possible accuracy in the most cost-effective way. They seamlessly provide drivers with a more enjoyable experience when driving or parking.

To take advantage of ever-evolving sensing technologies, we ensured our product platform has open interfaces to GPS and video imaging sensors. This allows us to better learn and discern the incoming signals, then generate evidential data to support a range of enforcement applications. We can deliver end-to-end automation for parking management and ticketless and gateless parking solutions.

All created with the aim of removing residents’ pain-points and obstacles to community enjoyment. This approach fuels our inventiveness, encouraging us to create within a robust, safe platform.

Among our many notable world-first and state-of-the-art solutions we would like to highlight a few to give you a sense of what we mean by ‘Ingenuity by Design’.

Our dedication towards the betterment of urban life fuels our ingenuity and enables the creation of a series of world-first solutions.

Traffic & Road Safety

GeminEye: City AI on
a Smartphone

Welcome to GeminEye: We shrunk an entire Smart City operations centre into an AI-powered, cloud-based app allowing decision makers to monitor assets and behaviour in real-time without expensive capital outlays on security cameras and infrastructure.

Sensen Networks
Smart city in the cloud
Parking Management

We fully automated the laborious task of managing car parks with dual benefits for both asset owners and motorists. Owners and managers of parking facilities have vastly improved ROI while users receive a faster, streamlined arrival and exit experience so everybody wins.

Sensen Networks
Automating road sign identification
Civic Compliance

Identifying behaviour

We’ve invented ways to detect and audit human behaviour – both good and bad – turning data streams into community safety. Using standard images from CCTV and security cameras, our solutions can identify distracted drivers in all lighting and weather conditions. We catch people talking and texting on their smartphones, not wearing seat belts and eating when they should be fully focused on driving. We also spot illegal dumping of rubbish so offenders can be punished.

Sensen Networks
Locating parked vehicles
Tolling and Traffic Analytics

Turning data streams
into road safety

Turning data streams into useful information is our speciality – we’ve created solutions for tolling and traffic analytics that gather data from multiple cameras and other sensors on the busiest highways to detect patterns and trends to drive decision making, all the time keeping traffic flowing smoothly.

Sensen Networks
Turning data streams into road safety

“Council has worked collegially with SenSen to deliver a product that is not only innovative but also tailored to meet business needs... integrating the solution with other parking technologies, enhancing the technology to be used in high-density city areas, and providing additional payment options for customers. I would recommend SenSen to any government or private organisation.”

- Top-five Australian Council

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