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SenSen is one of the world’s leading suppliers of data-driven business process enhancement solutions

Our secret sauce is the SenDISA Platform – the world’s first configurable Data Fusion software platform that can be configured on demand to meet the requirements of a range of use cases needing multi-camera, multi-sensor data fusion and data analytic solutions.

This ground-breaking platform combines enterprise video, sensor data analytics and edge-to-cloud servers means customers can also automate their business processes and make fast and accurate decisions.

To take advantage of continually improving sensing technologies, we designed SenDISA with open interfaces to all sensing devices and cameras.

This allows us to control and process incoming signals and fuse the data to accurately detect, track and identify vehicles and people, and to generate evidential data to support a range of enforcement applications.

All products in the SenSen solutions suite are configurations of the SenDISA platform. Examples include SenFORCE for law enforcement and Intelligent Transportation Systems.

In addition, the platform is used in other high-growth sectors such as autonomous vehicles, retail, logistics, manufacturing, defence and security.

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