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SenSen Technology Partners - Axis Communications

Axis Communications

We use axis cameras in a range of smart city applications including SenFORCE, SenPOD, SenTAS, SenPARK and SenSIGN

SenSen Technology Partners - MAV

Mav Cameras

We use high end MAV Cameras for Speed Enforcement Applications. We also use them for other applications like parking management and enforcement.

SenSen Technology Partners - NVIDIA


In almost every video analytics application from edge to cloud we use NVIDIA GPGPU based servers. Over the years we have used their Quadro, TEgra and Tesla series GPUs for integrated Video-IoT analytics to deliver business process enhancement solutions to our customers. Technology Partner - Vehiqa


Vehiqa builds our vehicle-mounted camera solutions fully packaged into a Thule Box and ships them around the world. Technology Partner - Milestone


Camera-based detection of unattended baggage and overstaying vehicles. Integration with Milestone video management software.

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