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Accelerate Your Fuel Theft Reporting

Improve reporting, maximize your returns and recover outstanding Drive Off or unpaid IOUs with dedicated debt recovery platform.

Automate your end-to-end debt recovery process with unrivaled efficiency.

Recovered in FY21-22
Increase in Debt Recovery

Key Features

Simplify Incident Reporting
Increase Staff Satisfaction
Incident Tracking at Your Convenience
No Collection, No Fees
Recover Debt, Without the Hassle

Our Solutions

No Upfront Cost

We believe in charging for performance and only charge on successful recovery. We rely on our proven recovery practices to collect your debts, allowing you to concentrate on doing what you do best.

Transformational Experience

Report incidents, live reports and updates on debt collection progress alongside evidence submission and documentation all in one place.

Why Choose US?

Decreased cost of debt collection

Increased company’s profitability

More productive use of staff

Fast, efficient debt collection service

What our customers say about us

Petrol theft cost the convenience industry approximately $60 million per annum nationally. It's a crim that has too long for been unaddressed to th epoint where it has spiralled out of control.
The Directors of Scancam have taken an holistic approach to the problem, offering more than just license plate recognition.
Scancam works with fuel retailers to reduce losses from fuel theft, our cloud based easy to use application provides a real solution.

Trusted by our beloved customers

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