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We are fearless in taking on challenges and continually aim to achieve more. We thrive on stretching our ability to solve problems once considered impossible. Our emerging solutions are addressing some of the most pressing and long standing challenges of many industries with sensor AI. Emerging
Robotics & Autonomous Vehicles

Blind Bots

At Sensen, our Emerging Solutions team is developing next-generation robots that can see and do more by being individually blind. How is this possible? By tapping into data streams captured by surveillance cameras and sensors in the infrastructure of discrete buildings and entire cities, our robots can ‘see’ each other, people and objects around bends and obstructions, and even know what’s happening over their individual visual horizon. It’s a game-changer for industries like Healthcare, especially residential aged care centers.

Sensen Networks

Sports is big business these days. Careers are made or broken by the impact of a single moment in the play. Unfortunately, human error intervenes far too often leading to anger and frustration among players, coaches, and fans. Passionate sports fans at SenSen have been quietly building a unique breakthrough to overcome these problems and bring objective reality to sports action. Currently in stealth mode but coming soon – groundbreaking technology based on commuter vision a Sensor AI to make the sports fairer and help athletes measure and improve their game.

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Smart Surveillance

Tag & Trace

Tracking a person of interest throughout a multi-camera network is extremely difficult – you have to initiate a pathway as they come into view then hope to locate them every time they pass out of a camera’s field of view. Until now it was considered a Holy Grail problem impossible to solve. But that’s all about to change. Our Emerging Solutions team is on a mission to combine a range of specialist technologies – image capture, object tracking, machine and deep learning, data fusion and Sensor AI – to crack this problem with a vast number of business applications to come. Watch this space as there’s more to come.

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Smart Cities

Smart Curb Sensor

Curb is the next big thing. Everyone wants a piece of it, even for a small slice in time, to get their job done and move on. Cities are struggling to deal with it as infrastructure to monitor the curb space is expensive like the in-ground sensors and cameras are hard to install and power for any reasonable length of time, and do not give the complete information required. We are solving all these problems with the new groundbreaking sensor CurbSense.

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Our Customers

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